Greenland Holdings Group Hosts Los Angeles’ Alexander Hamilton High School Jazz Ensemble in Shanghai

Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2018—Greenland Holdings Group, parent company of Greenland USA, recently hosted a group of students from Los Angeles’ Alexander Hamilton High School Jazz during their stay in Shanghai, as part of a larger cultural exchange trip to China. The program is part of a sister cities partnership between L.A. and Chengdu, and was sponsored by the Chengdu City government, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce-Los Angeles (CGCC-Los Angeles) and a selection of Chinese companies in the U.S., including Greenland USA.

During their trip to China as cultural ambassadors for Los Angeles, the students visited Shanghai, one of the country’s biggest metropolises where Greenland Holdings Group hosted the students for three days at the company’s Qube Hotel, Xinqiao.

“We are proud to have been part of this cultural exchange program, which we believe contributed to an exchange of ideas between the U.S. and China, and enabled students to broaden their horizons and understand one of the biggest and most vibrant economies in the world,” said Zhou Tian, Senior Vice President and director of Human Resources and the Executive Office, of Greenland USA.

In Shanghai, the students visited Greenland’s Hongqiao World Center where Greenland’s Smart Office and Command Center of the 1st China International Import Expo are located. The Expo will be held from Nov. 5-10 this year. They also explored cultural sites such as the Duo Yun Xuan Art Center, well-known for Chinese woodblock printing art.

One student, Eli Howell remarked, “Shanghai is incredible with so much going on all the time. I had seen this type of smart office in photos and movies previously, and it looked like a dream office, very cool and fun.”

Another student, Alex Hodeib said, “It's a nice structured hotel with nice rooms and a lobby. All staff are easy-going and very helpful. For instance, they helped us at the front desk, the pool and the gym etc. The dinner buffet and breakfast offer large variety of food. We felt so comfortable and welcomed during our stay. Thank you!”

Back in Los Angeles, the students attended a reception at the Chinese Consul General’s residence in Los Angeles where they said they were inspired by their experience in China and were impressed by the generosity and hospitality of Chinese people.

Brenda Pensamiento, Principal of Hamilton High School, said, “This experience enriched students’ understanding about China. They got to know that China is very different than what they have seen on TV and read in the newspaper.”

One mother who taught English in China 20 years ago, commented on her son Dalton’s trip, “Dalton was in China for only two weeks. But he brought back so many memories! He kept sharing with us his China experience, how hospitable Chinese people are and how they care about each other. He learned much more than we had expected. I hope we can all visit as a family in the future.”