Greenland USA Unveils Dynamic Public Art Installation “ConvergenceLA” at Metropolis Multimedia Installation Showcases the Spirit and Diversity of Los Angeles Through Real-Time Data

(LOS ANGELES) – March 2, 2017 – Greenland USA, a leading developer of modern and transformative properties, today unveiled “ConvergenceLA,” a capstone public art installation at its property Metropolis, created by local artists Susan Narduli and Refik Anadol. Using a 100-foot-wide LED media wall as its canvas, “ConvergenceLA” is a fluid piece that uses historic and real-time data to digitally depict the diversity, culture and creative energy teeming in Los Angeles. “ConvergenceLA” sits on the five-story facade of the first residential tower at Metropolis, a new, 6.3 acre residential, retail and hotel property in downtown Los Angeles.

“Three years ago, Greenland USA was a newcomer to Los Angeles and we were welcomed immediately by the people, the city and local businesses. We knew we wanted to find a way to give back and were drawn to the idea of public art,” said Gang Hu, CEO of Greenland USA. “Susan and Refik’s ‘ConvergenceLA’ is a stunning reflection of the city and its interconnections, and we welcome all Angelinos and visitors to see Los Angeles’ next iconic destination.”

Artists, Narduli and Anadol were inspired by LACMA’s original Art + Technology program (1967-1971), which paired artists with technology companies in Southern California and supported artist experiments with emerging technologies. “ConvergenceLA” carries this spirit forward through its innovative use of groundbreaking technology. It paints digital strokes by seamlessly capturing and combining real-time demographic, astronomical, oceanographic, tectonic and climate data, as well as social media posts, traffic and news feeds, all of which are specific to Los Angeles. In addition to experiencing the piece in-person at Metropolis, “ConvergenceLA” can be experienced through an interactive and mobile-friendly website at This companion-piece allows visitors to experience the art by integrating an accompanying soundtrack from the data streams and allowing guests to navigate through data of their choice.

“‘ConvergenceLA’ offers a perspective that is both personal and global, not only representing the connections of Los Angeles, but also creating an awareness of our ties to other communities, cities and countries,” said Susan Narduli, principal at Narduli Studio and one of the two artistic minds behind “ConvergenceLA.”

“Metropolis and ‘ConvergenceLA’ epitomize what transformation looks like for downtown Los Angeles—tapping into its past, present and future and emulating a synergy between architecture, art and engineering,” said Refik Anadol, co-creator of “ConvergenceLA.” “As the city and community experiences continued growth and renewal, ‘ConvergenceLA’ will reflect that spirit of change and opportunity.”

“ConvergenceLA” exemplifies Greenland USA’s commitment to the transformation of downtown by presenting a portrait of the evolving story of Los Angeles as a city and of its people. The addition of the piece also increases walkability between the financial district in the north and entertainment district to the south by creating a cultural attraction. The unveiling serves as the second milestone this year for Greenland USA, as it began the process of welcoming residents to the first residential tower in January and will be celebrating the opening of its on-site hotel, Hotel Indigo, in the spring.

Greenland USA selected Narduli and Anadol through close collaboration with public art consultants, Isenberg & Associates, Inc., following a lengthy selection process that included nearly 50 artists. Narduli is a Los Angeles-based artist and architect who works at the intersection of art, media, technology, and architecture. She leads an interdisciplinary art studio with a focus on design research and is a director of experiential and interactive projects for Cheeky Films. Narduli’s time-based works bring together the virtual and physical in one environment—positioning narrative, real-time data, generative art and immersive media within the formal and social context of public space and architecture. Refik Anadol is a media artist and director native to Istanbul, Turkey, who currently lives in Los Angeles. Anadol works in the fields of site-specific public art with a parametric data sculpture approach as well as live audio and visual performance with an immersive installation approach. His works explore the space among digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts.

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